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What Is The Most Important Part Of A Water Heater?

The anode rod.


What is an anode rod?

An anode rod is a sacrificial metal rod within the water heater that protects against corrosion of the water heater tank which in turn, prevents it from rupturing.


How does an anode rod work?

By electrolysis.

Electrolysis means when two metals are physically connected in water, one will corrode away to protect the other.


When will my water heater start leaking?

After the anode rod corrodes, the tank itself will corrode


Can I prevent the tank from corroding?

Yes! By adding a 2nd anode rod you'll extend the life of the water heater and the warranty by 4 years, totaling 10 years of 100% unconditional guaranteed problem-free use.


What is The Difference Between The 6 Year & 10 Year Warranty?

The 6 year warranty come with a single anode rod.

The 10 year warranty comes with dual (2) anode rods.


How long do water heaters last?

Water heaters only average 8-10 years of safe reliability.


How do I know how old my water heater is?

Typically, the first four digits of the serial number will tell how old the water heater is. The first two numbers will be either letters or numbers and correspond with the month (i.e.12** or *L** would be December) and the 3rd and 4th digits would be the year (i.e. **98 would be 1998). So if the first four digits were "1298" or "*L98" your heater was made in December of 1998. Water heaters are usually installed within a month or two of their manufactured date.


I am a part-time resident and only use my water heater for a few months out of the year. Does this mean that my water heater will last longer?

Unfortunately, no. Your water heater is always full of water regardless if you are "using" it or not. The longer it sits unused, the worse it is on the tank and heating elements. Sediment is allowed to build up as the water inside turns stagnant causing more corrosion to deteriorate the internal parts of your water heater including the elements, anode rod, and the tank itself.


What about "tankless" water heaters?

If you are considering going tankless than it is really a question about gas or electric tankless water heaters. Gas fired tankless water heaters work great assuming that you already have gas service in your home which few of us do here in Southwest Florida. However, electric tankless water heaters do not work so well. Whole home tankless electric water heaters require a substantial amount of power. What this means is that you are going to pay substantially more money to an electrician to provide the necessary amount of power (if possible) needed by an electric tankless heater. Along with the added expense you will have to make some sacrifices to water pressure/ flow, voltage drop at lighting fixtures (lights dim when hot faucet is opened), and repairing or replacing the entire unit in the event of a power surge. With all of this factored in, we strongly urge you to stick with a standard "tank type" water heater.


Can a water heater be repaired?

If water is leaking from the tank, it cannot be repaired and must be replaced.


Why do I have to wait so long to get hot water?

The length of time to wait depends on the distance between the water heater and where you need the hot water. The water has to travel from the water heater to the location. To resolve this problem, a recirculating pump is the best option. This keeps the water circulating so you don’t have to wait and waste water in the process. A new water heater will not solve the distance issue.


How do I change the temperature of my water heater?

The standard temperature is 125° F. If you need this to be lower or higher, you can follow these steps:

• Turn off power to the water heater.

• Remove the two front covers and insulation.

• Using a regular screwdriver, adjust the temperature dial on the upper and lower thermostats to the new desired temperature. The temperature range is 90°-150°F. You must set both thermostats to the same temperature.

• Replace the covers.

• Turn power back on.



If you’re increasing the temperature, you must allow approximately 20 minutes for the water to reach the new desired temperature. If you’ve lowered the temperature, your water heater will still be full of water that is at the same temperature from before the change. This water must get used and then the new water coming into the tank will only heat to the new desired temperature.


What information do I need to provide for a water heater replacement?

You will need to know the capacity of your current water heater, the height, and in some cases, the width. The capacity is on the manufacturer’s label on the water heater.  Do not use the yellow energy guide sticker.

We will need to know the location of the water heater, i.e.: garage, closet, cabinet, attic, etc. Some water heaters cannot be quoted over the phone. If your water heater is in a mobile home, is a small water heater under a cabinet, is in an attic, etc., we will have one of our plumbing professionals come out to your location to provide a quote.


Does my water heater require a permit?

The following areas require a permit from the mandating jurisdiction:

• City of Ft. Myers.

• City of Naples.

• Collier County Unincorporated (Exception: single family house (attached to no other structure)

and is less than 52 gallons).

• Marco Island.


Some plumbing companies/handyman services cannot pull permits. If you have been told that you do not need a permit from another company, please check with the mandating jurisdiction in which you reside or the location of the water heater replacement.


Collier County:  (239) 252-2371

Marco:  (239) 389-3956

City of Ft. Myers:  (239) 321-7925

City of Naples:  (239) 213-5020


Water Heaters Direct must pull permits for any mandating jurisdiction requiring one. We are a company of integrity and must maintain compliance with these mandating jurisdictions.


Are you licensed and insured?

We are licensed by the State of Florida and we are fully insured. Proof of coverages is available upon request.

All plumbing contractors must be licensed in order to provide plumbing services, even a water heater replacement.

Always check with to check the status of a contractor before using that company.

Homeowner’s insurance will not cover damages incurred by an unlicensed contractor.


Do you offer a maintenance plan?

Yes, we offer a Concierge Home Protection Plan This is a thorough check-point inspection of your entire plumbing system.  We are advocates for flood prevention and recommend this as part of your routine home care.


Do you offer any other plumbing services?

Yes, we are a full service plumbing company. We can handle routine repairs, fixture replacements, and many other plumbing needs. We are your one-stop professional plumbing service!


Do you guarantee your work?


Our 365 Day Hassle-free Guarantees:


• 100% Performance Guarantee:

All labor is guaranteed for 365 days at no cost, no hassle to you.


No Lemon Guarantee:

All products, parts, materials we provide are guaranteed by Water Heaters Direct for 365 days at no cost, no hassle to you.


• Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you are not completely satisfied with the service we provide, we will diligently work to correct any issues.

We value you and want to ensure a long-term working relationship with you.



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